Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun with Gramma...

Doggy Daily for April 6, 2010

"My human gramma likes to take photos of me. So I am laying here working it for the camera!"

"And I am working it, strike a pose, "kapow!" with my mighty paw!"


*Gasp* "Okay, that is not good, camera went air born human gramma is looking a bit angry now...calm down...."

"...she is looking a little pale. "Uhmmm...did I do that?"

"Camera looking a bit smashed there..."

"Uhmm...human grams, they put a strap on it for a reason. Don't look at me that way! I have no control of these paws....."

"Okay....I am outta here! Time to call 911 Camera Repair STAT!"

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